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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Tue Sep 13, 2016 1:58 pm

Welcome to the realm of the wolves. Here we have a few rules that must be followed. Don’t worry, if you’re good you won’t have any trouble.

First, a few notes on behavior

This site has a minimum joining age of 16 – we don’t want to leave anyone out! But, we do ask that there be a level of maturity on this site and an ability to handle some of the mature topics on the site. There will also be no causing unnecessary drama, bullying, harassing or vilification of ANY members of our site. We take these things very seriously and if you are found doing any of these you will be given one warning, do it again and you will be banned.

On that note, there will be no judgmental behavior here. That means no basing your opinions of someone off secondhand knowledge, or off a single act. That will also mean not assuming the emotions, troubles and experiences of other people, nor degrading towards anothers issues.

Now, the real rules

In case it wasn’t already clear, this is purely a wolf roleplaying site. That means no other animals. Obviously you can mention seeing birds or deer, etc. but you can’t just go making an account for a horse. It’s not how we do things.

Upon joining you are permitted one (1) character on this site. After a designated amount of time, you may be permitted a second. Further character creation MUST be discussed with an admin before creation.

This site is semi-realistic. That means we allow very minimal changes to the real wolves. Eye colours permitted include blue, brown, green, amber and shades in between. We DO NOT allow reds, purples or any other unnatural eye colour.

I will say this a lot but please keep drama to an absolute minimum! Nil if possible. Plot-relevant fighting is of course allowed, but do not cause unnecessary unrest.

Images of wolves may be edited so the colouring suits what you’re thinking of but please keep it realistic, i.e. darkening or lightening a few shades is fine, but we won’t be having any green wolves over here!

Posting is entirely in third person, that means no use of ‘I’, ‘We’ or ‘Me’ except in the use of speech.

High ranks will be given only to those who are active and deserving of the title. They do not give you a free pass to boss other people around ooc. No power trips! Also, you may only have one high-ranking character. If you have a character ranked Delta position or above, your second character would have to remain at an entry-level rank.

Ranks mean nothing when it comes to relationships. A leader may choose to run their race a little more strictly, but your character can easily be friends with the higher ranks.

On that note, we do allow mates here. If you choose to have a mating-related thread, you will have to mark it "[Mature]" in the title so that others would know not to look if they don't want to see something nsfw.

Please be literate as this is a literate site. Minimum post is twelve (12) sentences (but try to fill the post box if you can). Post lengths will be monitored closely.

Swearing is allowed, but only within context. If you’re not sure, then just ask an Admin or Mod.

There will be no major disabilities. So no missing limbs, deaf or blind characters.

Please do not roleplay without completing the joining profile and being approved by a staff member.

If you know you are going to be away for some time, please let us know by posting in our ABSENCE section. We do run activity checks from time to time and your account may be deleted if you don’t reply and you haven’t let us know you’re out for a while. –whispers- It’s just a little common courtesy.

You have a month (roughly four weeks) to complete your joining profile. Fail to do so and your account will be deleted.
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Site Rules
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